Prayer is the foundation of our strategic approach. We employ a strategy of prayer, intercession, and worship over regions before commencing evangelism, teaching and disciple making. 


Guy and Hild Peters are the founders of Alaska Vision ministry. Guy and Hild are licensed and ordained ministers, recognized and commissioned by their leadership peers around the nation. Guy travels across Alaska and around the nation inspiring, training, and equipping people to elevate their divine their vision, purpose and mission. Guy's background in business, consulting, spiritual advisor, musician, traditional drummer and Bible teacher, offers valuable insight for the body of Christ. Guy has a passion to see people elevated in Christ making an impact in the world. 

Hild has a vision to guide people out of trauma through a Holy Spirit inspired dialogue and training workshops. 


We believe there is an anointing with greater clarity, power and release when we come together as the body of Christ to pray over specific issues and challenges facing the advancement of God's kingdom influence in the world. Throughout the year we participate in, and host, several prayer, worship and equipping gatherings. We believe this is part of our mission and purpose as a kingdom ministry in Alaska and around the world (to bring anointed insight from tribal people of Alaska to the greater body of Christ). 


We believe in supporting and partnering with the next generation ministers to the world. Making a place for each one in our various outreaches and conferences is the way we operate. We align our resources, talents and gifts to be the best expression of God given motivation. We equip and inspire the next-gen to elevate their vision to be effective ambassadors of heaven. We currently partner with many national and international young adult ministries around the globe.